Middle Class, Education, Employment:
The Contribution of the Social Sciences

Issue Editor: Rumiana Zheleva

Rumiana Zheleva

The Sociological Debate on the Middle Class

The Middle Class: Methodological Challenges and Heuristic Potential
Rumiana Stoilova

The Middle Class from a European Perspective

Education, Employment Dynamics and the Middle Class in Germany
Michael Gebel

The Middle Class and Middle-class Jobs: Victims of Technological Progress?
Jouko Nikula

Education, Labour Market and the Middle Class

The Social Construction of the Individual’s Culture of Giving for Education
Pepka Boyadjieva and Kristina Petkova

Socio-professional Differences of School-to-Work Transitions
Rumiana Stoilova and Lachezar Nyagolov

Education and the Labour Market in Bulgaria in 2015: Imbalances and Main Challenges
Emilia Chengelova

Middle Class profiles

The Role of Foundations for Social Mobility of Scientists
Stephan E. Nikolov and Albena Nakova

Action Research in Higher Education through Backward Designing of Ecopreneurship Trainings
Anna Varbanova and Martin J. Ivanov

The Ethnic Underclass: The Paper Tower of Roma Integration in Bulgaria
Petar Cholakov

Research on the Middle Class: Traditions and Perspectives

The Bulgarian Sociological Tradition of Research on the Middle Class
Valentina Milenkova

Changes in Subjective Middle Class Identification in Some Post-communist European Countries (1990–2009/10)
Svetlana Stamenova

Problems and Myths about the Modern Middle Class
Tzsocho Zlatkov

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