Sociological Problems is an academic journal published under the auspices of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (former Institute of Sociology) at the Bulgarian Academy of Science since 1969. Sociological Problems is the only academic journal of the Bulgarian sociological community. It also publishes original research articles of renowned sociologists from Europe, USA, Asia, etc. The international visibility of the journal is made possible by its Editorial board which includes scientists based at various research institutions around the world. Its leading principle is that sociology is “flexible” science and thus a key element of the sociological approach is working on the boundaries.  This means that on the one hand sociology should be clearly aware of its own boundaries and on the other it should be open for interaction with other scientific disciplines. Projected on the policy of the journal this principal implies a special accent on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach, which allows the formation of sociological enclaves” in other research areas and at the same time gives the chance of well know sociological themes to be seen with “other” eyes. An important aspect of the publishing philosophy of the Journal is the awareness that we live in times when Bulgaria needs to catch up with the clear deficit of democratic political culture, which implies a profound rethinking of the role of sociological knowledge in the conditions of radical social changes. Therefore a key aim of the Journal is to provide space for intellectual debate, which will lead to the formation of a critical political public discourse.